01. Acharya Chandradutt Sharma

Acharya ji has done the complete proof reading of the Ved Mool and Bhashya in Sanskrit and Hindi. Acharya ji is a Guru in Vedic Literature and Grammer. The following are his personal and professional introduction in brief:

Chandradutt Sharma was born to Shrimati Rama Devi and Shri Brahmadutt Sharma ji in 1957, in Badayun, UP. He completed his primary education under his Father. In a very young age, he memorised Yajurved and Ashtadhyayi. He completed his secondary education from gurukul in Badayun. He studied advanced Vedic studies under Acharya Vijaypal Vidyavaaridhi and Pandit Yudhistir Mimansak. During this time he memorised and analysed complete Patanjali Ashtadhyayi Bhasya, Dhatupaath, Unaadikosh, etc and about 15000 mantras of Ved Samhita along with their meaning. He also memorised and have complete command over Manusmriti and the 6 Darshan Shastras including Mimaansa, Yog, Vedanta, etc. 

Throughout his active life he has been a guru, and master of Vedic studies in various gurukuls. Acharya ji is currently one of the few living legends of Arya Samaj. Currently, he prefers to live in his Gaushala giving education of few who approach him. He is computer savvy and is readily available on whatsapp 7017303286 and email: aryavarta2012@gmail.com

02. Professor Dr. Naresh Kumar Dhiman, Jalandhar

Professor Dr. Naresh Kumar Dhiman ji is one of the key mentors and hurdle remover of the vedic digitisation project.

Professor Dr. Naresh Kumar Dhiman ji is a gurukul passout from Gurukul Guru Virjanand, Kartarpur, Jalandhar. Currently he is principal of one of the best colleges of Punjab viz., Doaba College, Jalandhar. Apart from his busy office schedule, he is involved in Vedic Digitisation with the help of computer technology. He has converted almost complete literature of Swami Dayanand in Unicode and put on his website: www.VedicKosh.Com . Not only literature, he has made available some valuable digitising tech tools for the help of those in this field.

03. Shri Dharampal Arya Ji, Delhi

Shri Dharampal Arya Ji is not only the key mentor for the digitisation of Vedas but also the key donor. He donated about Rs.22.5 lacs for best quality proof reading of the content.

04. Professor Gyan Prakash Shashtri Ji

Professor Gyan Prakash Shashtri Ji had completed the unicode digitisation of Yajurved Bhashyam of Swami Dayanand. This piece was completely borrowed from him. His unicode digitisation of RigVed was also used for proof reading.

05. Shri Jitendra Bansal Ji, New Delhi

Shri Jitendra Bansal Ji has been very meticulously helping the project by managing and collating databases mainly on excel spreadsheets. He has also intermittently helped on typing and reviewing the work gotten done from typists and proof readers.

06. Rahul Dhoot Arya, Akola

Shri Rahul Arya Ji is a book explorer. He has helped a lot by searching for books/ ebooks for the project.

07. Shri Ashok Arya, Udaipur

Udaipur Nyaas has a big library from where valuable books were obtained for digitisation. Shri Ashok Arya ji has been very generous is helping out in these matters.

08. Kumari Shrutika Shevankar

Kumari Shrutika Shevankar is the lead typist for Unicode in Hindi and Sanskrit. She has a very high commitment towards work and does her work with quality.

09. Mata Premlata Agarwal

Mata ji has been the key project manager for exchanging and reviewing of work related data for typing and proof reading.

10. S. Bala Nageshwari, M.Com.

Smt. Nageshwari ji, from Hyderabad, is currently helping the project by databasing the Bhashya of Dr.Tulsiram and Pdt. Devichand ji. Her service to the cause is from her deep faith in Vedic Scriptures. She manages this volunteering in addition to her professional work (as an accountant) and family responsibilities.

Donation for 2nd time websiting

Arun Kumar Ji  1000
Acharya Hari Prasad Ji America 15000
Acharya Ashish Ji  11000
Mukesh Ji (PKR 5100) 1862
Neel Ji  1000


List of Key Donors

Dharam Pal Arya Ji, Delhi 2267310
Sushma Agarwal ji, Kolkata 266100
Shri Dindayal ji, Kolkata, Dollar 100000
Ramkumar Gupta & Family, Vishakhapatnam 76000
Amit Upadhyay Ji, Bangalore 40000
Sumna Arya ji, Mumbai 33000
Ramesh Gupta ji (USA)($500) 30000
Sudhir Anand ji (USA) ($500) 29500
Sushma Goyal ji, Kolkata 26000
Anand Sankar Ji, Kalyan 26000
Ramesh Agarwal Arya, Kolkata                           25000
Misc people from Arya Samaj, Barra Bazar, Kolkata 25000
Raadha- Kishan ji, Kolkata 16000