अथर्ववेद के काण्ड - 3 के सूक्त 25 के मन्त्र

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  • अथर्ववेद का मुख्य पृष्ठ
  • अथर्ववेद - काण्ड 3/ सूक्त 25/ मन्त्र 1
    ऋषि: - भृगु देवता - मित्रावरुणौ, कामबाणः छन्दः - अनुष्टुप् सूक्तम् - कामबाण सूक्त

    उ॑त्तु॒दस्त्वोत्तु॑दतु॒ मा धृ॑थाः॒ शय॑ने॒ स्वे। इषुः॒ काम॑स्य॒ या भी॒मा तया॑ विध्यामि त्वा हृ॒दि ॥

    स्वर सहित पद पाठ

    उ॒त्ऽतु॒द: । त्वा॒ । उत् । तु॒द॒तु॒ । मा । धृ॒था॒: । शय॑ने । स्वे । इषु॑: । काम॑स्य । या । भी॒मा । तया॑ । वि॒ध्या॒मि॒ । त्वा॒ । हृ॒दि ॥२५.१॥

    स्वर रहित मन्त्र

    उत्तुदस्त्वोत्तुदतु मा धृथाः शयने स्वे। इषुः कामस्य या भीमा तया विध्यामि त्वा हृदि ॥

    स्वर रहित पद पाठ

    उत्ऽतुद: । त्वा । उत् । तुदतु । मा । धृथा: । शयने । स्वे । इषु: । कामस्य । या । भीमा । तया । विध्यामि । त्वा । हृदि ॥२५.१॥

    अथर्ववेद - काण्ड » 3; सूक्त » 25; मन्त्र » 1

    पदार्थ -
    [हे अविद्या !] (उत्तुदः) तेरा उखाड़नेवाला [विद्वान्] (त्वा) तुझको (उत् तुदतु) उखाड़ दे। (स्वे शयने) अपने शयन स्थान [हृदय] में (मा धृथाः) मत ठहर। (कामस्य) सुकामना का (या) जो [तेरे लिये] (भीमा) भयानक (इषुः) तीर है, (तया) उससे (त्वा) तुझको (हृदि) हृदय में (विध्यामि) बेधता हूँ ॥१॥

    भावार्थ - सब स्त्री पुरुष ब्रह्मचर्यादि तपोबल द्वारा अविद्या को हृदय से मिटावें, जैसे शूर वीर योद्धा शत्रु सेना को अस्त्र शस्त्रों से मार गिराता है ॥१॥ इस सूक्त में स्त्री लिङ्ग शब्द अविद्या और विद्या के लिए आये हैं। पहले तीन मन्त्र अविद्यापरक, और पिछले तीन विद्यापरक हैं। अलङ्कार से अविद्या को दुःखदायिनी और विद्या को सुखदायिनी मानकर संबोधन किया है ॥

    Bhashya Acknowledgment

    Meaning -
    This sukta begins with the voice of passion, violent passion indeed (verses 1-3). Verses 4-6 are the call of reason for canalisation of passion into love for fulfilment with balance and settlement into the sacred state of marriage and family life. In fact hymns from 21 to 25 form a unit by themselves: 21 celebrates various forms of fire and energy including sex and love and ends with the word ‘ashishamam’, ‘I have pacified the fire’, the aids are given in verse 10. There can be no achievement in life without the passion to work and achieve (22). In family life, the man and wife, both in unison, live, love, work for fulfilment and look forward to achieve continuity and futurity through progeny. Hence sukta 23 is dedicated to the cure of sterility. Once family life is blest with love, cooperation, happy progeny and promising futurity, you work for prosperity, and that is celebrated in sukta 24 from family level to the ultimate social level. And hymn 25 is dedicated to passion in balance with reason in a state of marital fidelity, a union of nature, society and Dharma. Violent passion shakes you up. You would not be at peace in your own comfortable bed: no sleep. The arrow of love which is devouring ferociously, with that I pierce and dig into your heart.

    Bhashya Acknowledgment