अथर्ववेद के काण्ड - 6 के सूक्त 90 के मन्त्र

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  • अथर्ववेद का मुख्य पृष्ठ
  • अथर्ववेद - काण्ड 6/ सूक्त 90/ मन्त्र 3
    ऋषि: - अथर्वा देवता - रुद्रः छन्दः - आर्षी भुरिगुष्णिक् सूक्तम् - इषुनिष्कासन सूक्त

    नम॑स्ते रु॒द्रास्य॑ते॒ नमः॒ प्रति॑हितायै। नमो॑ विसृ॒ज्यमा॑नायै॒ नमो॒ निप॑तितायै ॥

    स्वर सहित पद पाठ

    नम॑: । ते॒ । रु॒द्र॒ । अस्य॑ते । नम॑: । प्रति॑ऽहितायै । नम॑: । वि॒ऽसृ॒ज्यमा॑नायै । नम॑: । निऽप॑तितायै ॥९०.३॥

    स्वर रहित मन्त्र

    नमस्ते रुद्रास्यते नमः प्रतिहितायै। नमो विसृज्यमानायै नमो निपतितायै ॥

    स्वर रहित पद पाठ

    नम: । ते । रुद्र । अस्यते । नम: । प्रतिऽहितायै । नम: । विऽसृज्यमानायै । नम: । निऽपतितायै ॥९०.३॥

    अथर्ववेद - काण्ड » 6; सूक्त » 90; मन्त्र » 3

    पदार्थ -
    (रुद्र) हे पापियों के रुलानेवाले परमेश्वर ! (अस्यते) [बरछी वा बाण] छोड़नेवाले (ते) तुझको (नमः) नमस्कार है, (प्रतिहितायै) तानी हुई [बरछी] को (नमः) नमस्कार है। (विसृज्यमानायै) छुटती हुई को (नमः) नमस्कार है, और (निपतितायै) लक्ष्य पर पड़ी हुई [बरछी] को (नमः) नमस्कार है ॥३॥

    भावार्थ - मनुष्य परमेश्वर की विविध दण्डव्यवस्था को विचार कर उसकी उपासना करके पापों से बचें ॥३॥

    Bhashya Acknowledgment

    Meaning -
    Homage to you Rudra, lord both of punishment and peace. Homage to you and your shooting. Homage to the arrow on the bow and on the flight. Homage to the arrow on the target. (This is the respectful diagnosis, to be followed by the extraction and the comfort of relief.) Note: Normally this is the interpretation of this sukta: extraction of the arrow shot by an enemy. However, it may be interpreted in this way: this is an antidote to sukta 89. Sukta 89 suggests the love of life and living as a remedy for depression. If depression is cured by the love of life, the love might grow to lust and infatuation. The arrow can smite the heart, spreading out over the blood and every cell. Then we need the balance between depression and infatuation, the conjugal love of the householder and the lady of the house, and that love with judgement is the Vedic ideal. The cure of depression is excitement, the cure of excitement to the degree of infatuation is judgement. Excitement and peace should go together in the state of balance. The deity for both is Rudra, spirit of peace and punishment both.

    Bhashya Acknowledgment