ऋग्वेद मण्डल - 8 के सूक्त 90 के मन्त्र
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  • ऋग्वेद का मुख्य पृष्ठ
  • ऋग्वेद - मण्डल 8/ सूक्त 90/ मन्त्र 1
    ऋषि: - नृमेधपुरुमेधौ देवता - इन्द्र: छन्दः - निचृद्बृहती स्वरः - मध्यमः
    Meanings -

    Indra, lord of universal energy, world power and human forces, is worthy of reverence and invocation in all our joint battles of life. May the lord of strongest bow, destroyer of evil and dispeller of darkness and ignorance, great and glorious as sung in the Rks, grace our songs of adoration and faithful efforts with the beauty and glory of success.

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