अथर्ववेद के काण्ड - 10 के सूक्त 6 के मन्त्र

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  • अथर्ववेद का मुख्य पृष्ठ
  • अथर्ववेद - काण्ड 10/ सूक्त 6/ मन्त्र 1
    ऋषि: - बृहस्पतिः देवता - फालमणिः, वनस्पतिः छन्दः - गायत्री सूक्तम् - मणि बन्धन सूक्त

    अराती॒योर्भ्रातृ॑व्यस्य दु॒र्हार्दो॑ द्विष॒तः शिरः॑। अपि॑ वृश्चा॒म्योज॑सा ॥

    स्वर सहित पद पाठ

    अ॒रा॒ति॒ऽयो: । भ्रातृ॑व्यस्य । दु॒:ऽहार्द॑: । द्वि॒ष॒त: । शिर॑: । अपि॑ । वृ॒श्चा॒मि॒ । ओज॑सा ॥६.१॥

    स्वर रहित मन्त्र

    अरातीयोर्भ्रातृव्यस्य दुर्हार्दो द्विषतः शिरः। अपि वृश्चाम्योजसा ॥

    स्वर रहित पद पाठ

    अरातिऽयो: । भ्रातृव्यस्य । दु:ऽहार्द: । द्विषत: । शिर: । अपि । वृश्चामि । ओजसा ॥६.१॥

    अथर्ववेद - काण्ड » 10; सूक्त » 6; मन्त्र » 1

    पदार्थ -
    (अरातीयोः) कंजूसी करनेवाले, (भ्रातृव्यस्य) भ्रातृभाव से रहित, (दुर्हार्दः) दुष्ट हृदयवाले (द्विषतः) द्वेषी के (शिरः) शिर को (ओजसा) बल के साथ (अपि वृश्चामि) मैं काटे देता हूँ ॥१॥

    भावार्थ - प्रतापी मनुष्य शत्रुओं के मारने में सदा समर्थ होवे ॥१॥

    Bhashya Acknowledgment

    Meaning -
    The theme of this hymn is ‘Mani-bandhana’, tying and wearing ‘the jewel’- an amulet, charm or magic? No. The jewel is something real but at the same time wonderful. It is something by which you punish the uncreative, unproductive evader of social obligations with your own lustre and power. It is born of plough¬ share made of khadira wood by the carpenter. It is given by Brhaspati and worn by Indra, Soma, Chandrama, Savita and Apah. The recipients create and achieve wonderful things such as ghrta, valour, lustre, glory, beauty, progress, food products, holy word, nectar, truth, victory, world power. The jewel is one’s own power and potential and the art and science of the possible which you win by your own effort, through gifts of parents, teachers and the seniors by the grace of God. The range of the possible starts with the product and prosperity of food and goes up to universal victory of world nature. With vision, valour and lustre I fell the cleverness and callousness of the head and heart of the uncreative, unproductive evader of social obligations, the internal saboteur, evil at heart and rank hater of society.

    Bhashya Acknowledgment